Key Issues

  • Climate Change

    Climate Change

    What is carbon dioxide? Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the greenhouse gases responsible for climate change. Simply put, greenhouse gases trap solar radiation within the Earth’s atmosphere. These gases occur naturally, but human activity is resulting in the release of more greenhouse gases than ever before. As a result,…
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  • Collaborative Water Management

    Collaborative Water Management

    Since the second world war, rapid population growth, urbanisation and demand for increased and cheaper food production have damaged natural river systems, causing many problems, such as water pollution, increased flood risk, loss of biodiversity and soil erosion.  These impacts affect all of us, whether directly, through flood damage to…
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  • Fisheries & Wildlife

    Fisheries & Wildlife

    Healthy vibrant rivers support healthy fish populations that underpin important recreational and commercial fisheries. Increasing pressures on our rivers and other aquatic environments are impacting our fish stocks and other valuable and vulnerable native wildlife. Changes to the natural habitat, however small, can have dramatic consequences for native wildlife populations. Loss…
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  • Flooding


    Our modern river landscape is very different from what nature intended. We have lost water storage in wetlands, created hard surfaces that water rushes off, and changed our river channels so they move water very quickly. Our rivers are less able to cope with the rain we expect in the…
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  • River Restoration

    River Restoration

    Industrialisation, urbanisation and agricultural intensification, have all left their mark on our rivers and floodplains. We have straightened, dammed, deepened, reinforced, diverted, embanked and culverted them. These changes have significantly altered the movement of water, sediment and species through our rivers damaging habitat, restricting fish migration, and causing problems with…
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  • Water Quality

    Water Quality

    In 2017 it was recorded that only 14% of rivers in England are considered healthy and our rivers are under increasing pressure from multiple sources – including climate change, diffuse pollution and human modification. It costs us approximately £1.2billion each year to remove pollutants from water so it is safe…
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