Wessex Rivers Trust

The Wessex Rivers Trust is dedicated to the guardianship, protection, enhancement and maintenance of healthy, functioning ecosystems within the river catchments and corridors of the Wessex region.

Their vision is of healthy rivers within the Wessex region which are valued and nurtured by the community.

Wessex Rivers Trust uses a catchment-based approach to analyse the growing pressures on these watercourses resulting from agricultural, industrial and transport based pollution, along with increased abstraction thanks to higher demand for housing and industry in the area.

They believe that this catchment-wide focus on improving water quality is the best way to ensure all the many unique species of flora and fauna that inhabit these ecosystems survive and thrive.

Unit 5 Deans Farm Buildings, Philips Lane, Stratford sub Castle, Salisbury, WILTS, SP1 3YR

01722 237171

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Wessex Rivers Trust


Volunteer Opportunities

The Wessex Chalk Stream and Rivers Trust is always looking for an extra pair of hands, if you would like to volunteer with the trust, please get in touch.


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