Project management

River Ecosystem Services can provide a wide range of project management services from feasibility, through project delivery, to post project appraisal.

The services are based on best practice from across the rivers trust movement for the delivery of river and catchment improvement projects. Our aim is to use our experience to build capacity in the third sector and beyond to deliver more river and catchment improvement schemes to a high standard of safety and quality.  

Effective project management builds confidence in the safe delivery of a project, which is of a high standard, on time and to budget. Many of the resources we have available for clients were developed during the delivery of the £8M River Improvement Fund work which saw over 200 projects built across England by 47 rivers trusts. The key to our approach is to maximise the control clients have over the delivery of their projects, while minimising the paperwork.


Project and contract development:

Ensuring that a project starts well maximises the likelihood of a successful project and is a critical part of any external auditing. We develop specifications for all the work completed by The Rivers Trust and are able to assist clients in the development of specifications and contracts for their own projects.


CDM and Health and Safety:

Construction Design and Management regulations ensure that Health and Safety are designed into a project from the very beginning. They are important but they are not intended to be onerous. We have experience as the ‘Client’, the ‘Designer’ and the ‘Contractor’ and have developed the resources necessary to comply with regulations, whilst keeping paperwork at a minimum. This approach enables us to focus our time and resources on delivering projects safely, rather than paperwork.


Managing a project:

As part of The Rivers Trust, managing large-scale projects comes second nature to us. Our ‘project file template’ which we use for all our own projects, provides the framework for this service and ensures that issues are identified and managed early so that projects can be delivered on time and to budget.


Post project appraisal:

Most large funding organisations require post project appraisal to identify the ultimate success of their projects. We are experienced in designing, conducting and assessing post project appraisals using a range of monitoring techniques. This builds on our expertise in the Data & Evidence team.


The team:

The Rivers Trust is a national organisation with a membership drawn from across the UK and Ireland. River Ecosystem Services can draw on over 200 technical staff from across the Rivers Trust movement to ensure that clients have access to all the skills required to deliver a successful project. RES is lead by David Johnson who is a chartered Civil engineer with 30 years’ experience in the water and environmental industry.