Eel regulation compliance

River Ecosystem Services can provide a wide range of services related to the compliance with the Eel Regulation and the delivery of fish passage solutions more generally.

The services are based on the extensive experience from across the Rivers Trust network and include the provision of advice and practical implementation of measures on passage requirements, design, screening, monitoring, mitigation measures and population studies to meet the requirements of the eel management plans.

We supply turnkey solutions to benefit the environment and community. Wherever possible we will use cost effective third sector involvement through our national network of rivers trusts to maximise the environmental benefits of our work.

Detail of the services provided:

  • EMP legislation interpretation and assessment from structure to catchment level.
  • Government agency and local regulation body liaison.
  • Advice on exemptions.
  • Scope of works assessment and design solutions.
  • Contractor identification and contract management.
  • Financial management and experience based benchmarking costing.
  • Quality assurance, auditing and reporting.
  • Post works monitoring.
  • Mitigation Advice e.g. habitat creation advice and restocking.
  • Population Studies.


The team:

The Rivers Trust is a national organisation with a membership drawn from across the UK and Ireland. River Ecosystem Services can draw on over 200 technical staff from across the Rivers Trust movement to ensure that clients have access to all the skills required to deliver a successful project. Barry Bendal (Director Land and Water) and Alistair Maltby (Director Operations) and Michelle Walker (Head of Data&GIS) have extensive experience of the delivery of work across all the aspects of the eel regulations.