Rise Up For Rivers

Rise Up For Rivers

In this day and age, sewage overflows still discharge directly into freshwater. Plastic accumulates in our rivers, suffocating the flora and fauna which call them home. Artificial barriers blockade the natural flow of rivers, halting migrating fish in their tracks. Despite the threat of drought every summer, humans continue to abstract unsustainable amounts of water from precious chalk streams. These issues combine to create the perfect storm of river degradation: 86% of all water bodies in England are considered to be in poor ecological health.

We want to change that.

It’s not yet too late; there is still time to reverse the damage rivers have suffered under our hands. We can restore rivers to their former glory. We can build new habitats, ensuring that wildlife has a home for generations to come. We can make our rivers a safer, cleaner place for people to swim, kayak and play. We can preserve the invaluable services rivers provide, transforming the environment, economies and communities.

But we can’t do any of it without your help.

Join the fight to protect and improve our rivers. Rise Up For Rivers. 

What does Rise Up For Rivers mean?

When you Rise Up For Rivers, you demand better for our rivers. It’s speaking out when our rivers are under threat, and not stopping until you’re heard. It’s making changes to your personal life, choosing our planet over convenience. It’s volunteering in searing heat or pouring rain. It’s hacking down invasive species, scouring riverbanks for litter and raising new forests from the ground. It’s cycling, trekking, swimming—it’s pushing yourself to your limits to raise money. It’s leaving a legacy of conservation and positive change.


How to Rise Up For Rivers

  1. Use our hashtag #RiseUpForRivers to show your support on social media
  2. Use your voice to raise awareness of the issues facing rivers
  3. Donate to fund vital conservation work
  4. Volunteer to aid the delivery of projects to protect and improve our rivers
  5. Fundraise to raise awareness and help to support our work
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