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What is the Courtauld Commitment 2025?

The Courtauld Commitment is an ambitious voluntary agreement, that is supported by WRAP and UK Governments , that brings together organisations across the food system to a make food and drink production and consumption more sustainable.

At its heart is a ten-year commitment to identify priorities, develop solutions and implement changes to cut carbon, water and waste associated with food and drinks by at least one fifth in 10 years.

What is the Water Ambition?

The Courtauld 2025 Water Ambition includes a programme of collective action projects that aim to improve the quality and availability of water in key sourcing areas for the UK’s food & drink. Water supplies are at risk in many production regions, and water users need to work together to safeguard this shared resource.

Initially, we are focusing on a 4 of key locations in the UK and 3 overseas , where we can collectively make the most difference. The ambition is that the solutions and lessons learnt from these projects can then be scaled up to other key sourcing areas that are suffering with water stress.


  1. By 2025 all business signatories are monitoring water use in their own operations and have improved efficiency.
  2. By 2025 all business signatories are participating in collective action to improve the quality and availability of water in key sourcing areas.

“The challenges facing us on water do not discriminate between companies, countries or crops.  Collaborating with partners via the Courtauld 2025 commitment ensures that we maximise our impact and do not duplicate effort.  We support the call for others to join in collective action in key sourcing areas and look forward to working together to develop a future we all want to see.”  

UK Projects

Initial focus in the UK is in four catchment areas identified as being critical areas for sourcing key foods such as fresh produce, dairy and crops. All currently suffer water stress in terms of quality and availability they also all have existing best practice initiatives that we seek to build upon through sharing best practice and encouraging greater collaboration and alignment.

The four UK project areas are:

  1. East Anglia (CamEO / Broadlands)Lead by Norfolk Rivers Trust and building on the Water Sensitive Farming initially established by WWF-UK, Coca-Cola and Tesco the project provides confidential independent farm advice and funding on soil and water, to improve both the quality and quantity of water available in the catchment.
  2. Wye & UskThe Wye Agri food partnership aims to build on the led by the Wye & Usk Foundation and building on the exemplary approach of the Catchment partnership The project focuses is reducing diffuse pollution from all types of agriculture soil health by providing expert confidential advice to growers.
  3. Kent (Medway)The Medway is one of the most water stressed regions of the country and home a significant part of the UK soft fruit industry. The Holistic Water for Horticulture project is looking at innovative ways to improve water self-sufficiency and the resilience of the sector by implementing nature based solutions around poly tunnels.
  4. South West (Tamar)Led by the West Country Rivers Trust the project focuses on the dairy sector, building on the exemplar UpStream Thinking project. In addition to working with farmers the project is support greater collaboration between key agri-businesses in the catchment as well as testing sustainable approaches to PES (Payment for Ecosystem Services) schemes.



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