Salmon 21C

Salmon 21C was an initiative started in response to an insufficient agreement between anglers, fishery managers and scientists on how to improve stocks. The question of stocking has been particularly controversial.

The project aimed to agree strategies which are based on science and sound information – and to involve other conservation and wildlife interests in implementing improvements to the river corridor and its catchment.

Many problems exist in relation to salmon and trout stocks. Some of these (such as climate change, predation and exploitation at sea) are beyond our immediate control. Others, such as habitat management, stocking and exploitation levels, can be more easily influenced by fishery owners, managers and angling clubs.

But there has been an unsatisfactory consensus between scientists, managers and the angling public on how to manage these matters.

Salmonid 21C built a widespread strategy scientifically gathered data – rather than old wives tales or the perceived abundance of fish.

This project has now closed but if you would like more information on the outcomes of the project, please get in touch.

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