River Improvement Fund

Rivers, lakes and coastal waters are vital natural resources: they provide drinking water, crucial habitats for many different types of wildlife, and are an important resource for industry and recreation.

Protecting and improving the environment is an important part of achieving sustainable development and is vital for the long-term health, well-being and prosperity of everyone.

The River Improvement Fund Programme was an initiative of three phases over four years, wholly managed by The Rivers Trust and actioned by rivers trusts throughout the country.

It delivered the largest ever river improvement programme by a non-governmental organisation in England.

At the end of the project we delivered:

146 multi-fish species barriers eased, passed or removed

87 eel barriers eased, passed or tidal flap valves installed

88 riparian habitat improvements

Over 130 waterbodies with increased ecological potential

44 feasibility studies for further improvement work

2,800 km of rivers with improved ecological potential

Read the River Improvement Fund final report:

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