Work commenced in January 2010 on a 4-year €1.6m project to restore the river Irfon, one the two main tributaries of the upper Wye. ISAC was one of only four such projects awarded in the UK in 2010.

The pHish project had set out to restore the effects of acid rain in both upper Wye and Irfon. Success in the upper Wye was not mirrored in the Irfon, where extensive commercial forestry in headwaters was at the expense of hydrological sources. Coupled with extensive forest drainage systems, it was established that naturalisation of both flow and pH would bring a return to many of the SAC species. ISAC is the Wye and Usk Foundation’s first project to concentrate specifically on this part of the catchment and set out to restore 30km of degradation on the tributary streams.

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