International Year of the Salmon 2019

International Year of the Salmon

Salmon are at risk from environmental change and human activities across the Northern Hemisphere. The epic migrations of salmon through rivers and oceans take them across borders, languages, cultures and economies. Saving these beautiful and influential creatures requires a uniquely large-scale solution.

The International Year of the Salmon sets out to protect salmon by bringing people together to share knowledge, raise public awareness and take action. We have a chance to save not just salmon, but also the communities and cultures that depend on them.

Rivers Trusts up and down the country will be participating in the International Year of the Salmon celebrations and will be organising a series of projects and events throughout the year. Please visit the main IYS website to find an event near you.

2019 is the focal year of the International Year of the Salmon with the intention that outreach and research will continue through to 2022

The main themes of the celebration are: connection, knowledge, action.

CONNECTION: The International Year of the Salmon brings together countries across the Northern Hemisphere because protecting salmon is critically important to the health of the planet and many of its species – including us. Together we can inspire, discover and make change.

  • Nature has sustained salmon successfully for millions of years; today, human interference – in the form of development pressures and climate change – threatens this fantastic traveller of the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Since the age of hunter-gatherers salmon have been a vital resource to humans for food, economy and culture; now, in our time, their very survival across their Northern Hemisphere range is in question.
  • Salmon are indicators to alert us to the health of the land, air, rivers and oceans we, and other fish and wildlife, depend on.
  • No single country can hope to address fully the challenges that salmon face over their amazing migrations.
  • In their epic migrations through rivers and oceans salmon know no borders; to help them we have to reach across borders and build bridges between countries and cultures.

KNOWLEDGE: The International Year of the Salmon will harness ongoing research and kick start partnerships and public action in Europe, North America and Asia to give salmon a better chance to survive and thrive.

  • People across the Northern Hemisphere need to understand more about how migrating Atlantic and Pacific salmon are unique, complex fish that are infinitely precious to those countries where they migrate, breed, give birth and die.
  • Collaborating and sharing knowledge is essential to learn how best to help salmon.
  • The International Year of the Salmon will draw on science, Indigenous knowledge, and the experience of fishers, policy makers, resource managers and others working to conserve and protect salmon.

ACTION: The negative effects that humans have on salmon are now at crucial levels – but it’s not too late. Anyone who cares about the survival of salmon can get involved in the International Year of the Salmon. Experts are needed – but it will take the passion and commitment of people from all walks of life to make the difference. Even the smallest contribution can help. Everyone has a role to play.

  • Even if you’ve never seen salmon in the wild, the chances are they play a vital role in ecosystems essential to you. The International Year of the Salmon is your chance to join people across the world to make a difference.
  • Salmon provide us with food, livelihoods and community connection. They help us. Now it’s our turn to help them.
  • Sign up to save salmon! We’ll let you know what you can do to help salmon and join like-minded people from across the Northern Hemisphere.
  • We have a global issue, but if we all act locally and do what we can, our combined efforts will make a big difference. Think global – act local.

Visit the International Year of the Salmon Website

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