Habitat Improvement Strategy for the European Eel

The Sustainable Eel Group partners undertook the Habitat Improvement Strategy for the European Eel, to help identify priority works in each River Basin District (RBD) that would benefit eel and offer the most potential for improvement of eel escapement in England and Wales.

The study was intended to inform the England & Wales Eel Management Plans, and therefore address the EC Eel Regulation which sets out a target for escapement of adult eel to the sea.

The project objectives were:

  • creation of a database of proposed and completed eel habitat and linked eel pass projects
  • development of a methodology to determine priorities for eel habitat improvements and linked eel passes for projects that are currently unfunded
  • initial opportunity mapping of priority for eel habitat projects and restocking locations

Project outputs are:

  • Report detailing methodology and listing top 10 priority habitat and eel pass projects per RBD
  • Set of A4 maps per RBD showing priority unfunded, current and completed eel habitat projects and passes, eel restocking opportunities and a regional habitat opportunity model
  • Excel spreadsheet detailing all site locations, including project type, rankings, site co-ordinates, contact names, etc.
  • GIS datasets (eel habitat, passes and restocking opportunity locations and national habitat opportunity model)

This project has now closed, please contact us for final results of this project.

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