Severn Catchment Coordinator – Severn Rivers Trust

Location Martley, Worcestershire
Salary £26,240 – £34,987 per annum (9% pension contribution)
Closes June 20, 2021

You will be a dynamic communicator able to inspire and engage a wide range of
stakeholders towards a common goal. You will be the link between communities
and political decision makers that will influence the management of the UK’s
longest river to protect wildlife, reduce flooding risk to thousands of people and
ensure sustainable, holistic catchment approach.

Your skills and knowledge will help to coordinate six local Catchment Based
Approach Partnerships across the River Severn and River Avon to ensure a
voice for local communities, individuals and organisations engaged in catchment
restoration to a regional scale by influencing initiatives such as the River Severn

About River Severn and the Catchment Based Approach
The River Severn is longest river in the United Kingdom, stretching 220 miles from its
source in the Cambrian Mountains in Powys Wales, through the counties of Shropshire,
Worcestershire and into Gloucestershire to the iconic Severn Estuary. Two major
tributaries make up the wider catchment: The River Avon from its source north of Rugby,
through Warwickshire and Worcestershire to its confluence with at Tewkesbury; and the
River Teme from the Kerry Hills in Powys through Shropshire and Herefordshire before
joining the Severn south of Worcester. The culture and economies of the historic
settlements across the catchment have been intertwined with the river through
commercial navigation, fishing, water supply and trade. Today, the Severn’s rivers
continue to play an essential role in supporting wildlife, wellbeing and economies of the
We are living through a time of great change. We are in the middle of a biodiversity crisis,
and a climate emergency. We are witnessing disastrous loss of habitat, collapse of
ecosystems, erosion of precious soils, increased flooding and devastating drought. The
Severn Rivers Trust and our partners in the Catchment Based Approach Partnerships are
fighting for a future where our children and grandchildren can enjoy healthy vibrant rivers
teeming with diverse and wonderful life – from Atlantic salmon to white clawed crayfish,
and from freshwater pearl mussels to European eel.

Main duties of the post
The postholder shall be a vital link between communities and political decision makers
across the River Severn. To achieve this the postholder shall undertake two main

  • To be a coordinator and influential spokesperson for the regional Severn
    Catchment Partnership and provide support to the six local Catchment Based
    Approach (CaBA) partnerships.
  • Provide a voice and a link between the local CaBA Partnerships and initiatives
    such as the River Severn Partnership to ensure that local views are heard.

The postholder shall be employed by the Severn Rivers Trust and shall work on behalf
of six CaBA Partnerships (coming together as the Severn CaBA Partnership) covering
the main River Severn and its key tributaries:

  • Severn Uplands
  • Shropshire Middle Severn
  • Teme
  • Worcestershire Middle Severn
  • Warwickshire Avon
  • Severn Vale

The Severn Rivers Trust works in partnership with our CaBA co-hosts, Shropshire
Wildlife Trust, Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and
Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and the postholder shall be working on behalf of all cohosts. The postholder shall therefore provide a secretariat role to more than 100
partners across the six CaBA partnerships whilst bringing their views together into the
regional River Severn Partnership.

Key responsibilities

  • Facilitate collaborative and effective coordination of the six CaBA Partnerships
    across the Severn by providing a secretariat function at a river basin scale.4
  • Co-ordinate a regional Severn CaBA Partnership Steering Group bringing
    together key players and decision makers from CaBA stakeholders across the
    Severn Basin.
  • Become a member of the River Severn Partnership (RSP) Programme Board on
    behalf of the six CaBA Partnerships providing a voice for the Severn CaBA
    Partnership on that Board and to feedback and provide relevant information on
    direction and projects to ensure the engagement of the six CaBA Partnerships
    into the RSP.
  • Lead on the development of a regional Strategic Vision and Strategic Plan for the
    Severn CaBA Partnership along agreed themes. Critically this shall ensure that
    the localism of each of the six CaBA Partnerships is retained through individual
    Operational Management Plans to enable effective delivery of river catchment
    restoration whilst inspiring local people.
  • To work alongside co-hosts to review Catchment Operational Plans to ensure a
    common thread throughout all six Catchments to promote coordination and
    increase engagement with current and new partnership members.
  • Review the current delivery structure of CaBA Monitoring across the Severn, and
    assist the partnerships to develop catchment Operational Plans, including
    securing funding for partnership projects.
  • Ensure clear communications between the CaBA Partnerships at a regional level
    and feed this work into the National CaBA programme.

Salary: £26,240 – £34,987 per annum (9% pension contribution)
Position type: Full time (12 months fixed term with the possibility of extension depending upon funding)
Working hours & annual leave: 37.5 hours per week. 28 days annual leave (rising to 30 days after two years). Overtime is not paid but time off in lieu may be taken where appropriate

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Severn Catchment Coordinator – Severn Rivers Trust

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