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Rise Up For Rivers

Mersey River Guardians

Join the fight to protect and improve our rivers.

We are the pollution fighters, the habitat makers, community connectors, truth seekers, soil saviours, dam busters, wilderness restorers, river defenders. We live and breathe rivers, working tirelessly to defend rivers against an oncoming tide of threats; climate change, pollution, urbanisation, and so much more.

We desperately want to save our rivers – but we can’t do it without your help.


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Do Your Bit Against Drought


Drought is getting worse—and we need to protect our rivers before it’s too late.

Although drought occurs naturally as a result of low rainfall and high temperatures, climate change and population growth have placed an unbearable strain on freshwater. When water levels drop, pollutant concentrations increase, fish are prevented from following their natural migration routes, and ecosystems fail to function.

Until stricter legislation against unsustainable abstraction is introduced, we need to take matters into our own hands. Visit our campaign page below to find out how you can help. #WaterIsLife, so let’s protect ours before it’s too late.

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Your local rivers and streams are being littered and polluted with wet wipes. Let’s work together to make it stop

We’re The Rivers Trust, and we’re working with United Utilities in your area to raise awareness of the impact wet wipes are having on our rivers environment. You’ve probably heard about the issues wet wipes are causing, but did you know it’s happening so close to where you live?

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