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The following files offer up to date advice and information on matters concerning starting and running a rivers trust. Documents are available in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) or Microsoft Word (doc) format

All files are freely available on request, please email the trust secretary or or phone 01579 372142

File Name Format
Start up Guide  
Rivers Trust Start Up Guide and appendices pdf
Precedent Articles of Association pdf
Start up Guide & Appendices (ROI) pdf
Employment & Staff Handbook  
Rivers Trust Employment Guide and appendices pdf
Staff Handbook for Rivers Trusts and Appendices pdf
Precedent Timesheets and Expenses pdf
Pension Scheme and LA Death Benefit Nomination Forms pdf
Rivers Trust Governance Guide and appendices pdf
Gift Aid Membership Subscriptions pdf
Health & Safety Law Notice pdf
Insurance pdf
Intellectual Property Rights pdf
Trading for rivers trusts pdf
Project Management  
Rivers Trust Project Management Guide and Appendices pdf
Project File template pdf
Construction Phase Plan pdf
CDM - A short guide pdf
Standard Terms and Conditions precedents pdf
Procurement Policy and Award template pdf
Trustees Guide pdf
Volunteers Guide and Appendices (including Time+Expenses Form) pdf
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