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All of us value water in our landscape very highly – you just have to think how much a house with a sea, or river- view costs, compared with one down the road. Or, think how many of us flock to the sea, river, or lake-side on a sunny weekend.

We enjoy water. We enjoy swimming, boating, just walking beside it looking. With that enjoyment comes a desire - we want it to be clean, sparkling, with white waves, not grey or brown ones; we want it to have wildlife - from the ducks our kids can feed, to the fish that we could catch (and sometimes eat), to the osprey that we can now admire over Rutland. We want "them" to look after it for us. We know that river water has become cleaner as a result of "their" efforts. We know that clean water comes out of our taps because "they" treat it. And we don't like to think how our waste water gets turned into either of these kinds of clean water by "them"!


Welland Rivers Trust

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