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The Wear Rivers Trust was launched in November 2008 in an amalgamation of The Weardale Environmental Trust and River Wear Environment Trust. Both previous Trusts have a proven track record on different aspects of the River Wear. This amalgamation of groups and adoption of the Rivers Trusts principles allows the Wear Rivers Trust to work at a catchment scale; making the link between the land, the river, and the pressures placed upon it by communities and industry within the catchment.

The Trust develops projects, raises funds and works in partnerships to research the state of the river environment and undertake informed actions towards the improvement of the Wear catchment. We also believe it is vital to raise the awareness of the value of the River Wear to people from region, country and further afield. To this end we take every opportunity to educate people about the work we do, the importance of their environment and what they can do to make a difference.

We believe that the River Wear is a precious freshwater resource that everyone should be proud of. We want to encourage people to enjoy their Wear.

The Wear Rivers Trust has no statutory powers but aims to work with the appropriate authorities to best improve and manage the catchment. We rely entirely on the goodwill and help of others to make positive changes.

The Wear Rivers Trust is the only charity dedicated to conserving and protecting the River Wear, its tributaries and surrounding countryside for all.


The Wear Rivers Trust
Low Barns Nature Reserve, Witton-le-Wear, County Durham, DL14 0AG
Tel: 01388 488867 / 07849 178866
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