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The River Tyne and its tributaries have shaped the landscape and communities within our Region, forming a unique heritage. The Trust will work with those communities to foster stewardship of the River and the water that flows in it. The Trust aims to promote sustainable management and improvement of the River Tyne, so that its health and biodiversity are an asset for future generations.


The objectives of the Trust are widely drawn and are intended, in the simplest possible terms, to work with the communities along both the urban and rural river catchment of the Tyne and its tributaries in order to:

  • Improve and sustain the water quality and health of the river
  • By improving and rehabilitating the river, encourage and contribute to sustainable economic development (where this is compatible with maintaining or improving environmental quality)
  • Ensure the river and the river corridor are managed in the best interests of a healthy population of fauna and flora, and encourage biodiversity of both wildlife and in-river species (fish and invertebrates)
  • Ensure the river can be promoted as a key regional asset in the development of tourism, and in the development of the regional rural and urban economy. TRT will seek to better understand and quantify the economic impact of an improving river, and related opportunities for high value angling tourism, and rural businesses such as tackle shops, B&Bs and restaurants and hotels
  • Engage local communities along the river through education and awareness projects
  • Act as a resource for statutory and non statutory agencies to enable beneficial projects in and alongside the river to be carried out
  • Act as a resource and a catalyst for the preparation of a Catchment Management Plan in line with the EU Water Framework Directive
  • Provide sound scientific knowledge, and a central data base to support the proper management of this essential regional asset, and act as a reference point for other bodies whose work involves them with different aspects of the river and the river corridor

Tyne Rivers Trust
Unit 8, Shawwell Business Centre, Stagshaw Road, Corbridge, Northumberland NE45 5PE
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