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The Trent Rivers Trust is an independent environmental charity established to promote the preservation, protection and improvement of the rivers and streams in the Trent catchment and the wildlife they support and to increase awareness and understanding of the management of water and the wider environment.

Trent Rivers Trust was established in 2001 to promote the reintroduction of salmon to the catchment. With its need for ample clean, cool water, good habitat and free access between river and sea, the salmon is an iconic species indicative of a river environment in good condition. This ongoing project involves the annual introduction of juvenile salmon into suitable tributaries of the Trent, working to ensure their migration routes are not impeded, and campaigning to protect clean, cool water.

Recently the Trust has broadened its scope and has been working in the Peak District to improve river habitats and reduce the impacts of agriculture. A fishing passport scheme was established in 2009 improving access for visiting anglers, providing income to local farmers and engendering better stewardship of these watercourses. We have also been working very closely with the Environment Agency. In relation to delivering Water Framework Directive targets. Streams and rivers are intimately connected to the landscapes they drain - a river in poor condition reflects a catchment in poor condition. Our aim is to work in partnership to achieve a healthy river and a healthy landscape

Trent Rivers Trust
4 St James Terrace, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6HS
Tel: 01298 77866

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