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South Cumbria Rivers Trust (SCRT) is an organisation, formed in 2006, dedicated to the protection and conservation of the aquatic environment of South Cumbria. Our area covers the Bela, Kent, Leven, Crake and Duddon catchments. In addition there are many other minor rivers that provide habitat for a variety of important species. The main lakes are Windermere and Coniston, and there are numerous other lakes and tarns.

Our mission is to protect, conserve and restore all aspects of our natural heritage of freshwater lakes, tarns, rivers and becks in South Cumbria.
We will do this by:

  • Developing a full and comprehensive science based understanding of the problems associated with the waters of South Cumbria
  • Developing proposals to restore healthy and sustainable aquatic environments.
  • Influencing individuals and organisations that impact our catchments
  • Delivering projects and monitoring results
  • Raising awareness in the local population, businesses, tourism interests, riparian owners and farmers to promote a protective attitude towards their local waters.
Five year Vision

Our five year vision is for an effective, professional and self sustaining charitable Trust that:
  • Has surveyed and mapped all of the important rivers and becks in our area.
  • Is carrying out water quality and ecological surveys on a regular basis and is developing a comprehensive database of information to monitor trends and identify problems.
  • Has developed and shared a good understanding of the main issues associated with the waters of South Cumbria, and is promoting ideas for further improvement
  • Has completed many habitat improvement projects on all of the main catchments and some of the minor ones, and these are delivering benefits in terms of improved biodiversity.
  • Is continually improving our waters for conservation and fishery purposes; particularly salmonid stocks.

South Cumbria Rivers Trust
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