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Over the last 120 years, Industrial pollution, inadequate sewage treatment, water abstraction and the changes in agricultural practice have caused severe habitat damage to the Ribble and its tributaries. Water quality and habitat have been affected to such an extent that the wildlife the river supports has been put under threat.

In recent years, water quality in our urban rivers such as the Calder and Darwen has improved, but the smaller streams of the Ribble and Hodder have deteriorated - the intensity of modern agriculture being the main source of the problem. Difuse pollution is particularly damaging to small streams. Small amounts of pesticides and herbicides can greatly harm wildlife.

The becks are the arteries of the system. They are the nursery areas for wildlife, but being small they are much more vulnerable to pollution and physical damage.

In 1997, in an attempt to help the flora and wildlife recover to their former glory, the Ribble Catchment Conservation Trust was formed by local people.

Our aim is to secure the conservation, protection, rehabilitation and improvement of our rivers, streams, watercourses, water impoundments, bank sides, tributaries and estuaries in particular of the rivers Ribble, Calder and Hodder for the benefit of the public.

The Trust became a registered charity in 1999.

The Trust changed it's name to the Ribble Rivers Trust in January 2012

Ribble Rivers Trust
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