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Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust was formed in 2002 with the aim of restoring and safeguarding the rivers, lakes and wetlands of Pembrokeshire. The Trust was awarded charitable status in 2004.

The objectives of the Trust are to:

  • Promote awareness of environmental issues and best practice
  • Promote recreational enjoyment of rivers, lakes and wetlands
  • Undertake research and development to help restore damaged habitats

Founding principles of the Trust…
Sustainable development – social, economic and environmental – and working in partnership to avoid duplication of effort are founding principles of all our work.

Sustainability through Community Ownership and Stewardship
No matter how much effort and money are invested in the natural environment of Pembrokeshire, the full benefits will only be achieved when the communities living there have the knowledge, skills and commitment to safeguard that investment.
Through your love of the natural beauty and wildlife of Pembrokeshire, and for the sake of future generations who will live here, please help us to restore and protect these priceless environmental assets, the Crown Jewels of our beautiful county.
The founders include members of wildlife and conservation groups, schoolteachers, anglers, environmental scientists, and tourism business leaders.

Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust

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