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Don Catchment Rivers Trust

Don Catchment Rivers Trust has been established to help protect and restore the rivers in the River Don catchment area, this includes not just the River Don but also the River Dearne, River Rother and other rivers such as the Sheaf, Went, Ea Beck and many others.

Our rivers are a valuable asset which tell the story of our culture and heritage. They are important for people, wildlife and the local economy, and form an integral part of our landscape.

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The Don Catchment Rivers Trust will work closely with others to achieve the following objectives:

  • ensure rivers have an adequate flow of water free of pollution
  • create a free and unobstructed river passage for migrating fish
  • manage land in a way that protects the river catchment
  • create habitats for diverse and rich native fauna and flora
  • prevent excessive and harmful bank erosion
  • create appropriate access to, and development of the river environment to help improve people’s quality of life and the economy
  • conserve river features and restore original river landscapes
  • where appropriate ensure future generations have a better understanding of river catchments and river catchment management
  • promote and increase participation in river stewardship schemes in the Don catchment

The Don Catchment Rivers Trust
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