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The Carmarthenshire Rivers Trust is a charity formed in July 2007 under the umbrella organisation of the Association of Rivers Trusts. The formation of the Trust reflects the growing concern about the environment and the need to halt the deterioration in the fisheries and also to promote improvements in habitats and wildlife associated with the aquatic environment in Carmarthenshire.

As stated by the CRT chairman, Gethyn Thomas, in his statement on the opening of the Trust in October 2007: “The key purpose of the Trust is working for public benefit. We aim to involve the community in improving the environment for their enjoyment and to encourage outdoor recreation and tourism which is increasingly important for rural prosperity.

Aims of the Trust:

  • To promote the conservation, protection, and rehabilitation of the habitats, and indigenous species of plants and animals, associated with the rivers, streams, stillwaters and adjacent areas of catchment land in the County of Carmarthenshire and thereby enhance the county’s biodiversity.
  • To advance the education of the public in the understanding of such habitats and their wildlife, and the need for their conservation, protection and rehabilitation.
  • To promote the sustainable use of the river and its environment for economic benefit thus supporting rural regeneration in Carmarthenshire.

The overall goal is encapsulated in the mission statement of The Carmarthenshire Rivers Trust: “To restore the rivers and wetlands of Carmarthenshire to their former glory”. The objectives listed below will allow the Trust to contribute to the implementation of a wide range of actions within the Welsh Fisheries Strategy:

  • The improvement of the aquatic environment
  • Stock conservation and management
  • Stakeholder engagement consultation, communication & training
  • Enhancing community benefits
  • Social benefits

This will also enable local communities to contribute to sustainable management of river catchments in order to improve migratory fish stocks whilst also promoting broader benefits to the catchment communities and to the wildlife associated with the river environment.

Carmarthenshire Rivers Trust
Registered Office: Ty Cambria, Drefach Llanelli SA14 7BB.
T: 01558 650707     E:     W:

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