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The delivery of our projects very often they would have regional, national and even world importance and we need to keep this impetus up.

We need to be dynamic and tackle issues in the most fitting way so we engaged the expertise within our board to meet these challenges.

We recognise the need for education within the national curriculum, in both junior and senior schools, to teach the next generations that our River is not the polluted dumping ground that Victorians left as a legacy.

We acknowledge that passage along our River corridor is THE biggest issue next to pointsource pollution. This includes our own (human) rights of usage and opening these "bottlenecks" will vastly improve our environment and biodiversity.

We have started to look at habitat, its destruction, loss, creation and rectification. Quickly realising its complexity when coupled with the diverse hydrology and morphology of the entire catchment and species specific needs.

We also recognise that diffuse pollutions, be they urban or agricultural, have a massive impact on our River too. As do our invasive species. But rather than the Trust is judge, jury and executioner in these issues we can offer a CONFIDENTIAL and FREE consultancy with our own qualified staff in these matters. And with any landowner that has connectivity to the River a solution can sometimes be funded.

We need the research and development depth to engage our strategy and priority plans and to monitor the current health of our River 
We will work with, coordinate and cooperate on many levels with Government Organisations like DEFRA, Environment Agency, British Waterways, Natural England, Yorkshire Forward and Yorkshire and Humber Regional Government. Local Authorities like Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield. Large private companies like Yorkshire Water, Syngenta, SITA and FMG. Other NGO’s like Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, National Farmers Union, Angling Clubs, Canoe and Boating Clubs and Leeds University.

We are also looking to work with YOU

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