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Stakeholder Engagement Toolkit - Introduction


This reference material has been developed to provide Rivers Trust staff in the field with a ‘user-friendly’ guide when engaging stakeholders in the development and implementation of catchment plans. The objective is not to outline a prescriptive approach to stakeholder engagement; more to present a set of principles and techniques which practitioners may wish to consider when designing their own respective approaches.

There is a vast array of literature on the topic of stakeholder engagement.  This guide has been designed to highlight references to existing information sources which are considered relevant for catchment management practitioners.  Readers are encouraged to follow up these references should they wish to explore particular topics in greater detail when developing their own plans.

The guide is split into four sections:

Section 1
- Context and principles to consider when engaging with stakeholders

Section 2
- Designing and planning a stakeholder engagement process

Section 3
- Specific stakeholder engagement techniques

Section 4
- Case study of a stakeholder engagement process with accompanying toolkit – The RIPPLE Project, Northern Ireland

It is strongly recommended you read through all of the sections in the guide sequentially. Sections 1 and 2 provide important context for the engagement techniques and practices outlined in Sections 3 and 4.

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