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The Rivers Trust is or has been directly involved with the following projects:

Natural Course
Environment Agency, United Utilities, the Rivers Trust, Greater Manchester Combined Authorities (GMCA) and Natural England are working together to seek cost-effective solutions to improve and protect the quality of our water for generations to come. Further details here

The Rivers Trust (RT) and Westcountry Rivers Trust (WRT) are partners on a WWF-UK led European Union LIFE+ funded project. ‘WaterLIFE’ ( – a three-year project - began in summer 2014 and aims to accelerate collaborative delivery of the Water Framework Directive (WFD), the single most important piece of EU environmental legislation. Further details here

Defra River Improvement Fund
Grant funding from Defra in collaboration with the Environment Agency, for projects contributing toward meeting the objectives of the EU Water Framework Directive and achieving Good Ecological Status, the Habitats Directive and the EU Eel Regulation. The fund was administered by the The Rivers Trust and funds disbursed to local rivers trusts for approved projects, related mainly to fish passage, SAC & SSSI habitat, Salmon Action Plans and Eel Management Plans.
Further details, completion report summary and downloads here

PINPOINT is a joint project between Association of Rivers Trusts and The England Catchment Sensitive Farming Delivery Initiative (ECSFDI) to provide training for Rivers Trusts staff, support and advice materials so that they can better advise farmers in England on how to reduce diffuse water pollution from agriculture. Further details here

ALFA stands for ‘Adaptive Land use for Flood Alleviation’. It is an EU-funded project (INTERREG IVB NWE) which aims to protect citizens in the North West Europe region against the effects of the risk of flooding due to climate change. Further details here

the ‘TRAP’ Project
Territories of Rivers Action Plans – deals with the challenge of integrated management of rivers and their territories (or catchments). It aims to develop policies and tools to enable sustainable economic growth whilst ensuring good water quality and thereby supporting the aims of the Water Framework Directive.
Full details here

Stakeholder Engagement Toolkit
Developed to provide Rivers Trust staff in the field with a ‘user-friendly’ guide when engaging stakeholders in the development and implementation of catchment plans. The objective is not to outline a prescriptive approach to stakeholder engagement; more to present a set of principles and techniques which practitioners may wish to consider when designing their own respective approaches.
Full details here

Defra Strategic Evidence and Partnership Project
A Strategic Partnership between Defra and the Association of River Trusts to test measures for tackling diffuse pollution from agriculture
Further details and project report here

Work commenced in January 2010 on a 4-year €1.6m project to restore the river Irfon, one the two main tributaries of the upper Wye. ISAC was one of only four such projects awarded in the UK in 2010. The project is funded through the EU's Life+ Nature & Biodiversity Fund with contributions from the Environment Agency Wales and Countryside Council for Wales, ISAC will not only help salmon but also protect other SAC designated species such as otter, white clawed crayfish, freshwater pearl mussel, bullhead, shad and lampreys. Further details here

Habitat Improvement Strategy for the European Eel
The Sustainable Eel Group partners undertook this study to help identify priority works in each River Basin District (RBD) that would benefit eel and offer the most potential for improvement of eel escapement in England and Wales.
Further details and downloads for Rivers Trusts here

Living North Sea
Living North Sea brings together representatives from every North Sea Interreg partner country in a programme which will make long lasting changes to the way that economically, environmentally, and socially important migratory fish species, whose stocks are shared between nations, are managed in the region. Further details here

Celtic Sea Trout
The Celtic Sea Trout Programme aims are:
• To understand and describe sea trout stocks in the Irish Sea and thereby to enhance sea trout fisheries and strengthen their contributions to quality of life, to rural economies and to national biodiversity.
• To explore the use of sea trout life history variation as atool to detect and understand the effects of climate change. Further details here

Water quality within the Channel and the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) areas is dominated by the water quality of the numerous rivers that discharge into the Cross Border area on both the English and French sides. Water quality (and quantity) within these rivers have common problems and all have deteriorated over recent history due to the management of their catchments and the large scale loss of wetted land (including wetlands, reedbeds, wet woodlands and floodplains), which buffer the river from the land. Further details here

Blueprint for Water
ART has been involved with The Angling Trust, National Trust, RSPB, Salmon & Trout Association, Waterwise, Wildlife Trusts, WWF, and Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust in the preparation and, on 28 November 2006, the launch nationally of a manifesto for water under the title “Blueprint for Water” - 10 steps to sustainable water by 2015. A summary and the links for Blueprint for Water can be accessed by clicking on the menu on the top left of your screen. Since then the Blueprint Coalition has reviewed progress against the initial targets and, in 2010, produced a further update on policy and targeting work. Further details here

Salmonid 21c
Salmonid 21C is an initiative to develop agreement on how we manage and conserve wild salmon, trout and sea trout stocks in the UK and Ireland in the twenty first century. By clicking here the Salmonid 21c mini-site will open in a new window.

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