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Our natural rivers and ecosystem are under pressure from abstraction, pollution, urban development, intensive agriculture and climate change. Our high population density coupled with the increasing frequency of droughts, extreme rainfall events and flooding as a result of climate change, presents a real threat to our wildlife and the ability to provide for our own needs. Rivers trusts are countering this by actively engaging and working with planners, landowners, farmers and local communities to carry out practical environmental projects. Rivers trusts have gained the reputation of delivering improvements, concentrating much of their effort on practical catchment management, river rehabilitation and fishery improvement works on the ground.

The Rivers Trust

  • Represents the rivers trust movement nationally in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, promoting the achievement of local rivers trusts and forging partnerships to expand their work.
  • Provides guidance on issues of policy, particularly at a national scale, such as the implementation of the Water Framework Directive, CAP reform and Catchment Based Approach to promote funding opportunities for local rivers trusts and be the catalyst for them to deliver practical solutions to environmental threats.
  • Provides help and guidance for new and emerging trusts and community based river improvement groups.
  • Supports the development of established rivers trusts through large scale environmental projects, sound science, best practice networking and good governance.

Joining or supporting RT helps us to enhance the rivers trust movement and assist rivers trusts across the UK to form, to grow and to flourish at a river catchment scale for the benefit of your environment, your communities and your health.


Membership is open to all in the following categories and at their corresponding rates.


* Rivers trust membership is limited to UK registered charities with bona fide rivers trust objects. Subscription rate is calculated using the latest total income figure published on the Charity Commission’s, OSCR or equivalent NI website.

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