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Recruitment of Catchment Improvement Lead

Applications by Monday February  27th

The Aire-Calder Catchment Partnership (ACCP) is helping to coordinate and bring together initiatives across one of the biggest catchment partnership areas in the country. It is supported by a network of partners who wish to see the Aire and Calder waterways reach their full environmental potential and serve as an asset to local communities across the catchment, to improve environmental quality, reduce flooding, enhance biodiversity and provide opportunities for recreation.

With funding from Defra we are now looking to issue a contract for someone to lead the initial stages of delivering our Medium Term Action Plan and for extending that plan to include the views of additional stakeholders. The successful candidate will lay the foundations of the Plan ensuring that partners and others are fully engaged with the process and, in a better position to deliver ACCP goals.

We are not committed to any particular contractual form (employment, consultancy, secondment etc. might be appropriate depending on the individual recruited) and will be happy to receive any form of proposal that delivers the requirements of the post. We estimate that this work will require the equivalent of a full-time post. The initial contract will be for a period of one year with the possibility, subject to funding, of an extension. Indicative funding for this work, subject to negotiation with applicants, is in the region of £25-30k. The work will be managed by the ACCP through a small management group.

Key areas of delivery  
The successful post-holder will deliver the following outputs;

  • Establish themed working groups supporting stakeholders across the catchment based upon the findings and priorities of the Action Plan, specifically:
    • engaging with landowners
    • funding for improvement projects
    • education and engagement projects
    • recreation and leisure projects
  • Develop key projects with Catchment Champions to deliver the strategic priorities identified in the Action Plan, including the identification of funding streams relevant to those projects.
  • With Catchment Champions and partners support the writing and submission of funding bids for the key projects identified.
  • Present opportunities for self-funding in subsequent years which may include roles within the key projects developed.
  • Establish a sustainable ACCP social media presence, especially focused around our priorities, which proactively engages with and supports partners delivering key projects, increases the profile of the ACCP and also raises awareness of our work across all sectors.
  • Incorporating the needs and wishes of the ‘Professional’ stakeholders into the Actionable Plan

Other Roles will include:

  • Servicing the main Partnership meetings and attending Operational Catchment meetings as required to deliver key projects.
  • Arranging the formal launch of the ACCP Medium Term Action Plan.
  • Updating and maintaining the Action Plan as required and preparation of reports to funders
  • Other tasks as agreed with the Management Group.

Essential skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills and able to communicate with all stakeholders at all levels
  • A self-starter needing minimal day-to-day supervision
  • Self-motivated with a strong desire to improve the environment.
  • A good networker able to recognise where there are benefits in working collaboratively and exploit these opportunities.
  • Experience in writing successful funding bids.
  • A good understanding of social media and adept at utilising the medium.
  • Good project management and organisational skills.
  • Good administrative skills including minute taking and managing meetings/workshops

Knowledge requirements

  • A high level of understanding around environmental issues. Whilst not a necessity it is likely the post-holder will have a degree in an environmental field.
  • Understanding of legal and administrative drivers of environmental improvement.
  • Mechanisms of resourcing and funding environmental and other initiatives.
  • Stakeholder engagement processes.

Recruitment Process
We wish to fast-track the recruitment whilst maintaining professional rigour.
Written applications/expressions of interest, demonstrating how you meet the skills and knowledge requirements outlined above, should be submitted  by email to the ACCP at no later than 1700 on  Monday February  27th. If your submission is on behalf of a host organisation your submission should detail the experience and suitability of the person who will  undertake the required work programme; you should also provide a briefing of how the host organisation will integrate and manage the secondment along with details of the costs of doing so.
Short-listed candidates and/or host organisations will be invited for interview on 14th March. If the application is from a host, then  senior representative of the host organisation should attend the interview with the individual applicant. We anticipate that the successful candidate will take up the post immediately.
Applicants should note that ACCP does not currently have any offices or other facilities.
Please feel free to contact us by email (address above) or phone (07989 309349) if you would like to discuss any aspect of this opportunity before putting in your application.


Esk District Salmon Fisheries Board and
Esk Rivers & Fisheries Trust

Job Description: Esk River Director
Reporting to:  Chairs of the Board and Trust
Managed by:  Chairs of the Board and Trust
Employer: Esk District Salmon Fishery Board

The Esk River Director (ERD) post has been created to provide a single focus of executive responsibility for the Esk Board and Esk Fisheries Trust.

Fields of Responsibility:
The post holder will have overall responsibility for all relevant operations within the Esk District including the day-to-day management of the organisation, staff and finances of both organisations.
The principal objectives of the organisations are as follows: Annex 1 to ERD Job Description


  • Identification of and development of thinking on the main policy areas that effect fisheries, fish and catchment management in Esk District in the freshwater, coastal and marine environments as determined from time to time by the Esk Board and Fisheries Trust
  •  Development of policy positions for dissemination to members to assist in their dealings with development, planning and regulatory matters.
  • Provision of direct assistance to members where appropriate.


1. Development of high quality working relationships with key individuals within the fisheries management, regulatory and planning fields to ensure that members’ interests and views are understood and respected at local, regional and national levels.
2. Development and maintenance of good working relationships with all relevant stakeholders
3. Development of a wider briefing programme for others whom members might want to influence.
4. Maintenance of contact with other organisations working in the same field.
5. Represent the views and policy of both organisations at all relevant meetings

Administration and Communications

  • Agreeing with the Board/Trust administration and communications policies.
  • Developing and implementing a programme of promoting the interests and achievements of the Board/Trust

Wild Fisheries Reform

  • To assess government proposals for reform, prepare position arguments for debate and decision by the board and, thereafter, argue the association’s case for adoption of their position.
  • Promote the Esk District’s  position on WFR legislative proposals as these become available and advise the board on tactical approaches likely to be successful in influencing the shape of the legislation.
  • Once the direction of the WFR is clear, to develop ideas on the form and function of any successor body to FMS to enable it to best serve its members’ interests in the  new legislative environment.
  • To explore and identify mechanisms, depending on available resources, to develop projects and partnerships to attract additional funds into the network to help achieve the objectives if the member organisations.
  • Ensure all the statutory functions of the ESFB  are implemented correctly
  • Ensure all the functions of the Trust, including compliance with OSCR are implemented correctly

The ERD will take instructions from, and report regularly to, the Chairs of both organisations
The ERD’s  primary focus will be on the design and delivery of organisational policy in the interests of its members.  They will be assisted by other staff and resources and  will be responsible for line management of those staff.
Management of Staff
The ERD will be responsible for the management and welfare of employees. They will ensure that the manpower resource is commensurate with the requirements of the organisation to discharge its duties efficiently and safely.
Management of Finance
The ERD will be responsible for overseeing the preparation of financially sound budgets and draft accounts for approval by the board and working within those, once approved
Liaison with Members and Proprietors
The ERD will manage contact with the members and proprietors and follow up as appropriate.  They  will endeavour to foster an ongoing positive working relationship with members.
Liaison with External Stakeholders
The ERD will be the main point of contact with external organisations and stakeholders, including members of the public. This will include regularly meeting and liaising with agencies and wider stakeholders. The ERD will also be responsible for the development and implementation of a public relations and communications strategy, delegating management of the strategy if appropriate.

Development of Policy and Advocacy
The ERD will identify and develop thinking on the main policy areas that effect fisheries, fish and catchment management in the Esk District in the freshwater, coastal and marine environments. The main challenges and responsibilities will be the Wild Fisheries Reform process and how members can be supported and represented through this process. This will include the development of high quality working relationships with key individuals within government,  Fishery Management Scotland, fisheries management, regulatory and planning fields.

Development of Projects
The ERD will look for opportunities that support the membership and fisheries through the development of collaborative projects, funding sources and the most appropriate route to deliver them.

Terms of Employment
The terms of employment will be specified in  a contract and staff handbook.

There is no current closing date or application form but expressions of interest and CV’s should be sent to the Chairman of the Esk Board - Malcolm Taylor

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