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Regulatory Framework

Government Agencies and Departments
In England and Wales these are the UK Government’s Agencies and Departments with prime responsibility for the environment: -

Acts, Directives, Regulations & Policies
All UK legislation since 1988 is available on line free of charge from the Office of Public Information’s website, with printed versions of earlier legislation obtainable from The Stationery Office Ltd for the relevant charge.

We are similarly able to access EU legislation from the Europa website, with downloads available in the full range of member state languages.

The principal regulatory and policy issues currently of interest to rivers trusts are those related to: -

  • Water Framework Directive
  • Catchment Sensitive Farming
  • Environmental Stewardship

Further information on the Water Framework Directive, Catchment Sensitive Farming and Environmental Stewardship can be obtained by clicking on the links above. The Government websites set out above can also be checked out for the latest news and information.

Water Framework Directive
Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC
The EU Water Framework Directive 2000/00/EC is published in full at

Water Framework Directive & Ecosystem Approach
ART’s European perspective of the principles of the Water Framework Directive and the Ecosystem Approach and their application were given at a presentation at the Expo Rome conference hosted by fellow U.TdR partner, University of Rome , in November 2006. The Water Framework Directive and the Ecosystem Approach are two of the most important over-arching principles of the U.TdR Project, in which ART was a partner, and of ART’s own approach to the rivers trust movement in England & Wales . The presentation can be download by clicking here (File size: 1,769kb - Format: Adobe PDF)

Catchment-Sensitive Farming
As a strong advocate of integrated catchment management, ART clearly welcomes the initiatives to bring Government policy in respect of Catchment-Sensitive Farming in line with its own views. There remains some concern over the ability of policy to be transformed into implementation for ongoing credibility of Catchment-Sensitive Farming, but the rivers trust movement is committed actively to support the various agencies in delivering the policy emerging in a cost effective manner.

ART reproduces its September 2004 response to the joint Defra - HM Treasury consultation on: Developing Measures to Promote Catchment-Sensitive Farming - click here to view the response

Environmental Stewardship
Agri-environment schemes in England
A disappointment with agri-environment schemes in England over many years has been their focus on species and specific habitats and the failure to recognise river corridors as the natural umbilical cord linking those habitats and species. As a result, ART commissioned a practical guide on current agri-environment schemes in England in order to help rivers trust personnel and others understand policy changes relating to the Common Agricultural Policy. The guide reminds land managers of their Cross Compliance obligations relevant to watercourse protection and enables and encourages land managers to adopt those Environmental Stewardship options most likely to result in the protection of rivers and streams. The full report is available by clicking on the following link Agri-environment schemes in England (File size: 177kb - File format: Adobe PDF).

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